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Contemporary Hi-Fi Equipment Cabinets

With the increase of the number of "boxes" required these days to watch all your favourite programmes, films and DVD’s and to listen to your favourite records, tapes or CD´s the requirement for furniture in the form of equipment cabinets to accommodate all these items has risen accordingly.

Changing Wood has recently produced a unique range of equipment cabinets to house hi fi equipment and speakers. Whether you want to hide your speakers or want to display them to maximum effect, Changing Wood have the solution for you. Solid wood stereo cabinets or real wood veneer or a mix of wood and glass are available to suit every taste. Individual pieces can be specially designed just for you or you can choose from a range of cabinets already designed.

The "Chameleon" range of furniture has been produced to allow you to have as few or as many pieces of furniture as you need. You can purchase one piece of Chameleon furniture to start your collection and then add to it as and when you require further pieces. The furniture can be used to house that LP collection that you have hidden away in the attic or the new turntable you have just bought. Special racks can be fitted into the furniture to isolate the equipment from vibration if required. Coffee tables to match have been designed and underneath the table a special drawer to house all your CD collection can be incorporated so that you can always see to choose what you want to play. Further pieces can be added in which to store glasses or as a drinks cabinet. A wine rack can be fitted to one or more of the equipment cabinets to make entertaining easy.

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