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Plasma & LCD TV Display Furniture

There are a large number of plasma screens to choose from, and they are available in a variety of sizes. Today’s slim flat screens can be hung on the wall, hidden from view or generally blended into any décor or piece of furniture.

Some people want to display their plasma screen in all its glory on the middle of the largest wall in the main room of the house. Changing Wood can design and produce a whole wall of furniture incorporating the plasma screen and also if required incorporating storage for the satellite receiver, the speakers and the CD player etc. Storage can also be built in for glasses or wine or even display cupboards to display that collection of rare model cars. The plasma can be left on view all the time or a mirror or picture can be incorporated to cover the plasma when not in use. Other bespoke solutions are display bookcases or cabinets that can house all your equipment on either side and display the Plasma in the centre, one cabinet even had a projector screen built into it.

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