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Plasma & LCD TV Lift Furniture

Plasma TV lifts are becoming very popular as a way of hiding plasma screens from view. Click here to view an example.

However if a whole wall is not for you then Changing Wood have designed a range of bespoke furniture which incorporates a plasma TV lift. These allow you to hide your television screen when it is not in use. These plasma TV lifts essentially protect the television screen when you are not watching it.

Because Plasma or LCD TVs are just a few inches deep, creative ways to conceal, disguise or just plain hide your plasma are continuously being created by our designers. Changing Wood have spent the past 4 years researching different lifting options and are now able to supply probably the fastest and quietest lift on the market to incorporate into your wooden cabinet. Lifts are available for cabinets to support up to 65 inch plasma TV and we have also recently introduced a swivel lift which allows the TV to rotate up to 360degrees in one direction and automatically comes back to the start point when the remote is pressed to hide itself away in the cabinet. TV lifts are a mechanised combination of cabinetry and a functional lift for your TV. Closed it is a handsome wooden cabinet - turn it on and the TV rises up from the furniture.

Furniture solutions can be produced to hide your television set for any room in the house. They can be hidden in "pretend radiator covers" chest of drawers for the bedroom, bookcase or small chest of drawers in the kitchen, a small cupboard or even the actual end of the bed. Please call to discuss any requirements or ideas you may have. There is no doubt our designer will be able to find the solution for you. Changing Wood have made over 50 TV plasma cabinets over the past few years in varies designs and finishes including Mahogany, Oak, Piano Black, painted finish, an antique design to match other furniture, a cabinet to house a 50 inch screen along with a place to hide a DVD player and a full size CPU. A CD of all the recent designs is available just email us with your address and we will send one out to you completely free of charge.

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